Check out one of the brilliant blueprints from Trams DownUnder Archive!

Screen Australia – What to watch

A nice job from Screen Australia, some good reference  in here for a short form doco.

Thanks After Effects

Thank you AfterEffects CS6 for bringing some stabilisation and rolling shutter correction to my sh-sh-shakey DSLR footage!!

Check out the before & after, will need to do a bit of cleanup to remove the now shakey lens flare, but still an awesome result!!

Getting Distracted

Must keep shooting Video!! It’s a little too easy to get distracted and start shooting stills with the 5D :-)

5D Mark III

I feel somewhat obliged to only shoot awesomeness…


First Post!

Welcome to Trams – A Documentary!!

Website Launched, Twitter Account created, now all I need to do is make this thing . . . easy right!?!?