The Crew

Shawn Miller – Director/Producer/Cinematographer/Animator

As a self taught animator Shawn Miller has worked around the world on animation projects ranging from Academy Award winning Rango to the immensely popular Star Wars – The Clone Wars. Working in San Francisco at Industrial Light & Magic, Singapore’s LucasFilm Animation, Australia’s Animal Logic and UK’s Eurocom to name a few.

Trams – A Documentary is Shawn’s first of many Independent Film projects!

Erica Vowles – Interviewer

Erica started out in journalism over 15 years ago and has always enjoyed telling unusual stories. Since 2007, Erica has been a producer with ABC Radio National and has worked on a number of different daily, weekly and feature programs. During this time she has made 10 feature-length documentaries that have aired on programs such as Background BriefingEncounterHindsight and 360documentaries.

Trams ­– A Documentary is Erica’s first foray into animated documentary story telling.


Jay C Miller – HDRI environments

Jay is a self taught VisualFX Artist working for the last 12 years spaning film, game cinematics and television. Currently a senior VisualFX Artist at Melbourne’s iloura, Jay has worked on Seth McFarlane’s – Ted, Ghost Rider – Spirit of Vengence and Killer elite to name just a few.

When not pushing pixels Jay is also an accomplished HDRI photographer.