The following articles were authored by Shawn MIller

Trams roll into MIAF 2014

Stoked to see Trams getting some screen time!!

Rendering – 100%

As of today the render and comp is finished! A massive ThankYou to  the super folks at RenderRocket for supporting the rendering on this. It was going to take three years to render on my laptop. *not joking :O

Now finalising the edit and this short is ready to roll into a few festivals!


Back on track…

…there has been a slight delay in your scheduled service, but we have power and are back up and running!

Test Renders – Chrome Style!

My test renders usually look so ugly, but sometimes the look purdy!!

Meet W7 – The Second Character Trailer

Just uploaded, hope you likes! Head over to Vimeo to watch in HD.

Meet C – First Character Trailer

First trailer is posted! Head over to Vimeo with the HD link to watch a much nicer & larger version!

Perhaps today IS a good day to render!

Good news!! The excellent folks over at RenderRocket have offered to sponsor my short! Nearly time for a teaser clip me thinks!

Time to get a sequence going

Comp done, now where did I put my extra render farm….


9000+ frames…who’s idea was this anyway!?!

Inspirations I

One of the inspirations for Trams – A Documentary, a little more dramatic than what I hope to achieve but a great piece…